In vino veritas ehh?
Thank me i just drank beer, i’ll keep my secrects all to myself.
Too bad for you.

Cuddle me…


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Fuck it.

If that is what it’s all about, i can do without.


By . I bet reads . Why wouldn’t he?

My New bike.


Insomnium // One For Sorrow

I bought a bike today, can pick it up at the weekend i hope, it will be custom build to my needs.
Got a real nice deal and saved almost 300€.

Sport macht mich nicht glücklich, aber er lenkt mich davon ab zu überlegen ob ich unglücklich bin.

"There is none so blind
As those who do not listen
Sleep of reason produces monsters"
— Artist: Insomnium
Title: Inertia
Album: One for Sorrow

Fuck this.
Fuck me.
What is the fucking point.

My last bike got stolen locked from my locked cellar.
I’m looking for a new one, but i am short on money.
Something similar to a used Cube Hyde Pro, Checker Pig Maru or Stevens City Flight.

But nothing to be found so far.

The new t-shirt i made looks nice imo.

"But more wonderful than the lore of old men and the lore of old books is the secret lore of ocean."
— H.P.Lovecraft: ‘The White Ship’ (1919)

How would YOU know?